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Combating COVID-19 Cabin Fever

March 20, 2020

Like most industries, the sports and officiating world is being hit hard by COVID-19. The postponement of all sporting events means there are no officiating opportunities, resulting in a loss of income for referees across the globe. While there is little we can do to replace the lost revenue stream, there are steps we can take to combat cabin fever and focus on the things most important to us.

Social distancing gives us all the opportunity to study up on rules and mechanics so that we can be at our best once the season starts. Connect with other officials in your region to see how they are handling the hiatus and being proactive about training and education throughout the next few weeks. With today’s technology there’s no need to feel alone. Don’t forget, with Get It Right software you can learn rules and mechanics through interactive 3D simulations so you can get the daily dose of sports you want while maintaining your training.

Most importantly, sports officials must band together to remain role models in our industry from our homes just as we are on the field. Use this time to uplift, teach and inspire those in your community from a distance. This is a scary time for us all, but together we can find positivity in being proactive in creating a better, safer game when the storm calms.

— Bob Arnone, Get It Right Founder