About Get It Right

We're making sports safe for kids.

Since our inception in 2012, we at Get It Right Enterprises have strived to provide visualization products to help train sports officials. Our passion is manifested by the details presented in the animations to present the specific requirements associated with the rules of the game. Our primary focus is directed to the officials, but these same animations can help coaches explain rules to their student-athletes. Collectively, through improved training and a better understanding of the rules, we are “Making Sports Safe for Kids”.

Product Overview

What is Get it Right Training?

Bob Arnone, founder of Get It Right, explains how his software helps coaches understand the details behind the rules of football. It puts players, coaches and officials on the same page, and makes the game safer for everyone involved

The Inspiration

Hear why Bob Arnone, owner of Get It Right Enterprises, is so passionate about providing a safe environment for student athletes.

Who We Are

We are a Veteran Owned company. We believe in the power of organized sports activities to help shape the youth of our Nation. Positive lessons such as teamwork, accountability, recovery from losses, doing what is right when no one is looking are some examples that have a long term influence and character development.

Services We Offer

We develop animations to clarify and enhance the understanding of the rules. We provide 3D animations and videos of those animations. Our focus has been directed towards football, but we have also started work on wrestling, volleyball, and soccer. Other sports are in the queue.

Why Get It Right?

Maybe that question sums it up! We employ a team of experienced officials and coaches with a passion for success and a strong desire to give back to the sports they love. We collaborate with video-game experts to address issues critical to the game with an emphasis on keeping the sport safe and fair.

See What Others Are Saying About Us

Paul Macklin

"This product is great. I will use it, not only to educate the coaches and kids but also to educate the parents!"

Paul Macklin, Youth Commissioner, City of Norfolk Recreation, Parks, & Open Spaces

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"I bought (Get It Right training software). I will be using it to train my officials and my coaches in Pop Warner but also in my local High School association for football officials."

Dwayne Johnson, Youth Commissioner, MidValley Pop Warner

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Dwayne Johnson
Danny Rouson

"It’s a good tool to train the coaches, the players and the officials so everyone is on the same accord. It will cut down on the bickering back and forth. … And for the safety of the game. It is an awesome thing."

Danny Rouson, Youth Commissioner, Elizabeth/Pasquotank Police Athletic League Recreation, Parks, & Open Spaces

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"We would use this software as a communication tool between the coaches and the officials. I think it would give the coaches more knowledge on how to communicate with the officials in game situations when emotions are high. It would reduce the conflict and ultimately boost the respect back and forth."

Shawn Hardiman, Coach, Faith Christian Academy

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Shawn Hardiman
Henry Kremnitzer

"It would be a great training tool for the officials. I think every state should have this for their officials association."

Henry Kremnitzer, Coach, Faith Christian Academy

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"I am going to use this program to train my officials - I’ve got about 220 officials. I’m going to use this to help train them to get better."

Burkles Davis, Youth Commissioner, West Alabama Youth Football Association

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Burkles Davis
Brian Reed

"The biggest thing we are going to use this for is to help train our officials but also to show our coaches what these officials are looking at. I think it will be a great building tool."

Brian Reed, Youth Commissioner, Northwest Florida Youth Sports Alliance

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"Mainly (Get It Right software) is going to be used to train officials. We need to get good officials out there and give them the tools to make them successful. And, this program looks like it will help us achieve those goals."

Marc Rademacher, Youth Commissioner, City of Fort Collins

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Marc Rademacher
Scott Krause

"We will use this for our officials for going through mechanics 4 man, 5 man, we can break down plays and see if there are penalties what kind of mark offs we are supposed to have on it. Very good teaching tool for officiating and coaching."

Scott Krause, Youth Commissioner, Elko Jr. Football League

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"I believe every parent should look at this (software). We are going to get it for our league department. First of all, to make sure our referees understand what their responsibilities and their goals are. Secondly, to be used as a training agent for our parents, so they can educate themselves and have a better understanding so they can help their children."

Tony Young, Youth Commissioner, Bill Arp Football

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Tony Young
Pete Dardis

"Being able to view a situation is so much more valuable than just reading about it. Visualization is the key to training."

Pete Dardis, President and HS Assignor, North Bay Officials Organization

"Get it Right software is a great workflow tool. The software replicates on-field situations, so it shortens the time it takes to learn a position and then apply the newly learned skills on the playing field. It’s an excellent way to prepare for games – it is absolutely worth the investment!"

Mark Unger, Active Official
Mark Unger
Sharon Frost

"Get it Right delivers on its promise. This software enables you to see important mechanics and positioning. The various points of view enable you to develop a real understanding of where you should be in a given situation. My favorite tool is the focus cone because it shows where your attention should be at any particular time. It’s a must for a new official just starting out and a great tool for seasoned officials to sharpen their skills."

Sharon Frost, Active Official

"After 15 years officiating High School football in South Dakota, this is one of the best tools I have ever come across. I think everyone should have it."

Johnny Kirchner, Youth Commissioner, South Dakota Junior Football

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Johnny Kirchner
Coach LD Green

"I would use this software to train my staff. See it. Freeze it. Discuss it. Time is precious - I like it!"

Coach LD Green

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"Once a week, we would show the team 2 rules - can see it limiting the penalties with the kids. Since our players are millennials, they live in he world of video games. They can probably understand this better."

Coach Lance Newman

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Coach Lance Newman