Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the product?

Click on the sport of your choice and then click on products. All the available products for that sport will be listed there for you to choose from.

Why do I have to register?

When you register, you are added to a VIP list that will keep you in the Get It Right loop! You will receive emails from us letting you know when new sports are available and when early bird specials are offered for products for the new seasons. Registering also sets up an account for you so when you are ready to subscribe you will be one step ahead of the game!

How do I use the product?

Please read through our Quick Start guide to learn how to download and use your Get It Right product.

How do I get updates?

Each year you buy a product, you automatically have a subscription that provides you free updates during that sports year. Update emails are sent to you based on when your sport that you subscribed to has been enhanced. You will be prompted to download the latest version which will be waiting for you in your account.

How long does my subscription last?

Each sport has a unique end of subscription period that is based generally on when the new rule changes are announced, when rule books are available, and other factors affecting the development of the products. For football, the subscription period ends on 31 May.

How many devices can I put my program on?

Your subscription is good for one device. You can move it to another device by resetting your license and then downloading the product to the new device from your account.

Please review the "New Device?" section of the License Guide for instructions on resetting your license.

What happens to my previous year versions?

As long as you have it downloaded on your device it will not go anywhere. We will stop doing updates on the current year products roughly 2-3 months after the sport season has ended. When the product is ready for the new, upcoming season, the prior year products will be removed from the Get It Right servers.

Can I get this on my tablet?

We are on track to have tablet versions of the football products available in the Apple and Google Play stores in the summer of 2016. Given the sophistication of the products, only certain tablets can handle the products. 64-Bit devices with 2GB RAM are definite requirements. Apple A7 chipsets running iOS 9.0 or later and Android version 5 (API 21) appear to be capable. Apple devices include iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4, and iPad Pro. We will continue to monitor and update the list (including Android devices).

How can I recommend new content for the program?

We love feedback and we definitely want to know what plays you would want to see animated! Please email us at

Do I still need the rule book if I have this program?

Yes. Every rule does not lend itself to being animated, so we initially are addressing those rules that are sometimes difficult to understand.

Do you do bulk purchases?

We do! If you are interested in purchasing bulk licenses for your officials, coaches, players, etc, please send us an email at We will send you pricing and payment options.

How do bulk purchases work?

You'll receive a list of licenses that you can distribute to whomever you choose. These documents explain the process:
How Shared Licenses Work
How to Register Your License