2020 Oculus Rift-S VR (v1.0)

The Virtual Reality product is used in conjunction with the Deluxe program mechanics. Use the Deluxe programs to teach mechanics, duties, and responsibilities. The VR program is then used to put the official on a virtual field where an instructor can see what that official is looking at (VR First Person View) and where the official is looking as well as positioning (Mixed Reality Birds Eye View). Use also in a group setting so all attendees see and hear the instructions to reinforce consistency.

NOTE: Virtual Reality is available ONLY on desktops/laptops that are VR Ready. Macs are not yet designed to support VR programs


    Product Description


    • Oculus Quest 2
    • VR Ready Computer (not VR compatible)
    • Mac devices do not currently support VR programs
    • See binding instructions to associate the controls with the program.


    The Deluxe program presents various sample versions of mechanics. The VR program provides a single set of mechanics for the 8 scenarios. Use the VR program to address your unique mechanics and assess if an official is performing according to your standards. Any of the officials on the field can be selected for any of these scenarios. Only one person wearing the Oculus is available at this time. We are working to have multiple officials concurrently working the same scenario.

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